Israel National News - Gilad Tisona

Gilad Tisona Interviewed by Israel National News on Recent Advancements in Digital Health

Gilad Tisona, Chairman of helfy, was Interviewed for an article published on Israel National News, about the recent advancement in the digital health field and what the future holds. Tisona explained how people are able to take ownership of their own personal well-being by using distal assets and monitoring tools.

“Once each of us has access and constant monitoring of our personal medical data, we will become more aware of our health and hence we will take actions that will benefit ourselves and our body. Think of the banking apps that show you the bank account status at any given moment, it is a great tool that helps many in their economic conduct. Digital health has a revolutionary dimension because until now the doctor is the one who supposedly determined what we need to do to be healthy because he had the data and knowledge. It created a certain detachment of the modern man from the body and his needs. We get the information back – and the responsibility – on our bodies”, said Tisona